Evonik's reconciliation dashboard shows all the essential information based on the date range, platform, and store name.


This dashboard is divided into 5 Sections:

  • -> Sales
  • -> Returns
  • -> Commissions and Fees
  • -> Payments
  • -> Reconciliation Summary

The sales section is divided into 3 parts, and may be read as below:

  • -> Gross Sales: Includes the cumulative value as per the Order Value for all order statuses
  • -> Delivered includes the cumulative value of all orders where the status is Delivered or Shipped. This implies that the invoice of the particular order has been generated and the order is either delivered to the buyer or is in transit
  • -> Replaced orders include all those orders which have been replaced on customer / channel request. Replaced orders may have the original orders returned or not returned

The returns section has been divided into 2 Parts, and may be read as below:

  • -> Received orders are those which have been physically received at the Seller location. In case of FBA / Fulfilled by Channel mode, these are automatically received in eVanik OWS. You may view the complete list of Returns Received Orders here.
  • -> Gross orders include Returns Received and Returns not received. These include the list of all returns as marked / initiated by the channel. You may view the list of Returns not Received here.

The Channel Commission and Fee section has been divided into 3 parts, and may be read as below:

  • -> Total is the cumulative value of all the fees, commissions and charges levied across all order statuses and replacements for the particular month
  • -> Delivered Commission is the value of fees, commissions and charges levied on orders which have been delivered or shipped
  • -> Returns Commission is the value of fees, commissions and charges levied on orders which have been returned.


The Payments section is first divided into 2 broad sections: Receivable and Settled. Under each of these sections, there is a bifurcation of:

  • -> Payments for Delivered Orders
  • -> Payments for Returned Orders
  • -> Total of above

Reconciliation Summary is the final outcome of the algorithms applied in the previous sections. This is divided into 3 sections, where the gaps could normally occur in a marketplace business scenario:

  • -> Reconciliation on Delivered Orders
    • -> Unpaid Orders
    • -> Underpaid Orders
  • -> Reconciliation on Returns
  • -> Returns not Received - View Details
  • -> Reimbursements Received
  • -> Reconciliation on Incorrect Deductions
  • -> Deductions on Courier Returns
  • -> Other Wrong Charges

The sum total of the above combines into the Total Reconciliation Gap, which is the last column.

Please Note: All the data provided in this dashboard is as per the data being provided by the respective marketplace channels. Evanik Networks is not responsible for any data inaccuracy. The final calculations provided in the Reconciliation Summary may not be construed or interpreted in any manner to be an audit report or any financial authentication. These reports are estimates based on the data provided by the marketplace channels and then analyzed by the internal algorithms of eVanik Networks. The logic and data points of marketplace channels may keep changing time to time, hence observations of any error therein may be obvious.