eVanik OneWorld Suite is a cloud-based smart ERP software that takes care of all your ecommerce backoffice needs. To fully understand how eVanik OneWorld Suite works, go through modules below in the given order.

Accessing eVanik OneWorld Suite

To access eVanik OneWorld Suite, you’ll have to sign up for the free 15-day trial period during which you can test the product for free. The free trial version of eVanik OneWorld Suite contains all the features in the Enterprise plan of eVanik OneWorld Suite. If you are already a registered user, then you can directly log in to eVanik OneWorld Suite.


After your free trial expires, you can subscribe to any one of the paid plans and continue using eVanik OneWorld Suite.

Migrating from another software

If you are migrating from another software to eVanik OneWorld Suite, you would need to import various modules such as the sales and sales returns transactions, products, marketplace channel integration kits, vendors and suppliers, and inventory mapping related information.


The Dashboard will give you a clear picture of your company’s eCommerce business metrics. It gives you an overview of the Sales, Returns, Payments, Inventory, Order Management, Seller Health and more.

Master SKU and inventory setup

Before you start integrating your accounting software with eVanik OneWorld Suite, you would need to complete a few setup in eVanik OneWorld Suite and your accounting software

Customize your eVanik OneWorld Suite account

Set up eVanik OneWorld Suite as per your business needs. Learn how to update your email address and password, map your products, setup your accounting ledgers, and various other functions in eVanik OneWorld Suite.


SKUs are the products that you are selling on different channels including ecommerce marketplaces, your own website or your offline store. Add or import SKUs and map them with channel SKUs into eVanik OneWorld Suite.

Customers & Vendors

Add your customers & vendors in eVanik OneWorld Suite to create various sales and purchase transactions for them.


eVanik OneWorld Suite provides GST-compliant integration with your accounting software such as Tally ERP9, Zoho Books, Alignbooks, FCA Integral, Busy, SAP etc. We have tailor-made it to suit all your accounting needs for GST and specifically for complex ecommerce marketplace accounting. 

Start Invoicing

Create and send invoices to your customers from eVanik OneWorld Suite. Record online and offline payments for all the invoices online or manually mark them as paid using different payment modes. You can track all the payments received in different accounts and also record partial payments for invoices.

Sales transactions

eVanik OneWorld Suite automatically fetches sales transactions from eCommerce marketplaces including order details: Order date, SKUs, Customer information, price, etc on a real-time basis.

Purchase transactions

Manage your suppliers and raise POs (Purchase Orders) directly from eVanik OneWorld Suite.

Accounting Setup

The Accounting setup takes care of all accounting-related setup requirements mapping with your accounting software. This module consists of:

  • GST Setup
  • Ledger Setup
  • Banking Setup
  • Marketplace commission invoices setup
  • Godown and Warehouse setup
  • GST Classification setup


Configure general and module-specific settings of your organization. You can configure Users & Roles and Permissions for your employees


The Reconciliation module is the most sought after tool from eVanik OneWorld Suite. It helps to identify and claim the minutest gaps in your payment, returns, inventory, and commission reconciliation of your eCommerce marketplace business.

Accounting Integration

eVanik OneWorld Suite is integrated with all major accounting software and ERP like Tally ERP9, Zoho Books, Alignbooks, FCA Integral, SAP Business and Busy

Order Processing

Centrally process orders of all your eCommerce marketplace channels, your website, and your offline store from eVanik OneWorld Suite. eVanik OneWorld Suite gives you the flexibility of processing bulk shipping labels at location and product filter levels.

Inventory Management

The inventory management tool spans across your channels (offline, marketplace, and online) forming a common pool of inventory to help you maximize your sales and reduce penalty in case of stock-out situations.

feedBAKER for Amazon.in

Automate buyer feedback solicitation and skyrocket your rankings on Amazon.in with feedBAKER from eVanik OneWorld Suite.


eVanik OneWorld Suite can be integrated with various third-party accounting apps like Tally ERP9, Zoho Books, Alignbooks, FCA Integral and also with shopping carts like Magento, Shopify, Opencart, Kartify etc. You can also integrate eVanik OneWorld Suite with multiple payment gateways to record payments from your customers.

Automatic Repricer

The Automatic repricer tool helps you stay ahead of the competition on eCommerce marketplaces. Set your base price and ceiling price and the Auto repricer will ensure maximum stickiness to the Buy button always.

Reports & MIS

The Reports module in eVanik OneWorld Suite contains 40+ reports related to your ecommerce business performance, accounting and inventory.