In order to get the most out of feedBAKER we would recommend you use two or three campaigns.

All sellers can benefit from Seller Feedback and Customer Service campaigns so these are a must!

If you sell your own products or they are low ranked on Amazon then product reviews can also be a winner for you.

1. Seller Feedback
When it comes to setting up your campaigns create your seller feedback request campaign first during the initial settings. Initially, you can use one of our pre-set templates and edit this.

 2. Order Confirmation
Next up create a Customer Service campaign, most commonly an order confirmation message. By emailing your customer thanking them for their order and giving contact details you are giving them the complete customer service experience. This not only helps reduce negative feedback but also increases positive feedback.

3. Product Reviews
You can then set up a campaign to request product reviews. This has the biggest impact when you are selling your own products or have low-ranking products. A successful strategy here is to send out a product review request if the customer has left positive Seller Feedback.

You can set up new campaigns by going to the My Campaigns screen and clicking "Add a New Campaign."