feedBAKER is a feedback management application for Amazon. The software can be used for Amazon India, US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

The system allows you to setup automated emails that will be sent to customers that purchase from your Amazon stores. You can setup three email types, a customer service email, an email to ask for seller feedback, and an email to ask for product reviews.

The customer service email can be used thank the customer for their order and to let them know you have received the order. You can also advise on this email to get in touch if you have any problems.

The main focus would be to request seller feedback and product reviews from customers. So you can then setup an email to be send to request your customers to leave seller feedback, and another to request product reviews.

Each email is controlled by a campaign in feedBAKER. This allows you to fine-tune your messages so they feel personal and are more relevant to your customers. 

As an example, you can send an email 7 days after the product has been delivered to your customer requesting positive seller feedback or a product review.

feedBAKER will also download your positive and negative feedback and display them for you to review. You can set up feedBAKER to alert you via email and/or text message so you can deal with any feedback straight away.

Once negative feedback is received there is a "Resolve Now" option within feedBAKER where you can contact the customer directly to resolve the negative feedback. 

You can also use the software to raise a case to Amazon if you feel the negative feedback has been left unfairly.

feedBAKER will generate the message to submit to Amazon complete with Order ID and the reason feedback should be removed.