Every campaign needs to have a goal. By setting a Goal Type for your campaign, you can track the success of your campaign better and avoid your customers getting the same type of message multiple times.

There are three Goal Types available in feedBAKER. Below is a short explanation of each.

Please note: If you have two campaigns with the same goal, your customer will only get the first campaign email.

Customer Service: Customer service is a more general goal, aimed at giving the customer a good sense of your service. This might come in the form of asking if there were any delivery issues or maybe a month down the line asking how they are getting on with their purchase.

Feedback: This campaign is aimed at getting seller feedback from your customers. Generally, you would ask the customer if they received their package in good order and encourage them to give you some positive feedback.

Product Reviews: This campaign is aimed at getting customers to leave reviews for your products. The more reviews (particularly high star reviews) your product has the better it's ranking on Amazon, making it much more visible when searching for it. Even if you didn't create the product, it's still of great benefit to get extra product reviews for the products you sell.