Often, at the time of integrating data from OWS to Tally ERP9, you get the following error:

"<LINEERROR>Cannot alter Units of &apos;Curtain PVC&apos;!</LINEERROR>"

Such an error comes, when the UOM (Unit of Measure) for the SKU / Product which is defined in eVanik OWS is different than what is defined in Tally ERP.9
Example: UOM for the Product in eVanik is "NOS" and in Tally, it is "PCS"


  • Please use "Quick Product Edit" to edit Unit Type of this particular SKU (i.e., Nos, Pcs etc.).
  • The unit type in eVanik OWS and in Tally are different, that is why this error is coming.
  • Upload the Inventory Sheet back into OWS and Resync your Data in case you would like to use the CSV upload tool to bulk edit multiple products.